Does Your House Have What Buyers Want in Charlotte, NC?

Does Your House Have What Buyers Want in Charlotte, NC?

With a record number of people relocating from places like the northeast or west coast, buyers are flocking to Charlotte, NC to find the perfect new nest. If you’re planning on selling soon, this is a great time to start the initial phase of assessing your house. Does your home have what buyers are looking for?

Features like an updated kitchen, great school district, or backyard space are sure to attract buyers and generate top dollar for your property. Building a functional garage space could add up to $25,000 of value to your home. Your listing agent will be able to advise which projects are ultimately necessary.

What buyers are looking for can be highly specific to your area. While people moving to NYC are just hoping for ample natural light, Charlotte is held to a higher standard when it comes to amenities.

Follow along to learn about the most desirable features buyers are looking for in today’s competitive Charlotte, NC market!

Features and Amenities Buyers Want the Most in Charlotte, NC

There are a few things that set your house apart when it comes to what buyers are looking for. In theory, certain features make your home stand out more than others. Millennials make up a large portion of the first-time home buyer pool- so, what are they looking for?

The Top 5 Most Appealing Features to Buyers in Charlotte, NC are:

1. A Garage

2. Backyard Space

3. A Good School District

4. Prime Location

5. An Updated Kitchen

We’ll get more granular as far as why buyers are looking for each amenity and if it’s worth adding to your house before listing it below!

Desirable Feature: A Garage

Believe it or not, not all homes come with garage space in Charlotte. This is especially true in areas like Dilworth, where finding parking can be challenging at times.

A covered garage space or even driveway is more important than ever to homebuyers. A whopping 42% even expect a 2-car garage at minimum.

As a result of the current state of affairs, people are trending in the direction of wanting more space, more cars, and bigger living areas. What if you don’t have a covered parking area to meet the demand?

Worth It?

Putting in a garage can be costly and even downright impossible, depending on where you live in Charlotte, NC.

One-car garages cost about $11,000 to build, while two-car garages can exceed $42,000. Seasoned appraisers estimate that a functional garage only adds about $25,000 of value to your home. So, if the cost to build one exceeds that magic number- don’t do it.

There are other ways to make your home appealing to buyers! With the market as hot as it is, as long as there’s some form of parking nearby, you should still be able to get top dollar for your house.

Does Your House Have What Buyers Want in Charlotte, NC? - A Garage

Desirable Feature: Backyard Space

Backyard space is a highly coveted part of a home. This is especially true for families with children and pets or northerners migrating down south in search of warmer weather and more space.

Additionally, a pool is a major bonus for buyers. A finished deck or covered outdoor area is a functional and very attractive feature for those looking to host parties or have family gatherings. 

These amenities can get expensive, though, which is why people love when they already exist.

Worth It?

An outdoor living space and/or pool can be quite pricey to install.

Overall, it’s not worth it to put these features in because of the extensive cost and amount of time these projects can take. Most people want to create the exact space they want, so it’s not necessary for resale. 

The average lanai costs anywhere from $4,000 to over $10,000. Pools are even steeper, starting at around $50,000 for a basic in-ground structure. It’s no surprise that it’s a major selling point for buyers.

Fortunately, as a seller, due to the current demand, you’re able to get top dollar by listing most properties as-is. However, some buyers may try to negotiate you paying for the permits.

Does Your House Have What Buyers Want in Charlotte, NC? - Backyard Space

Desirable Feature: A Good School District

A good school district is particularly important for parents with young children.

Finding the right balance between a good school zone and nice home is an ongoing challenge for many people. While some will opt for private schooling, others will want to be in a certain neighbourhoods. If your development is in a desirable area, you’re in luck.

Individuals without children, however, aren’t likely to care as much about the school district.

Worth It?

Unfortunately, short of airlifting your home into a new location or voting on new zoning laws (when possible), you can’t change which school district your house falls into.

If you’re receiving a lot of pushback from buyers regarding the schooling system, your agent should be able to target those without kids or people who’d rather go private. 

Charter schools are another option.

Does Your House Have What Buyers Want in Charlotte, NC? - A Good School District

Desirable Feature: Prime Location

You know what they say- location, location, location.

Location is probably the single most important driving force behind housing market prices. The size, style, and every feature of a home can be changed to a buyer’s taste. If a property is in the right area, it will be desirable regardless of most other factors.

Worth It?

Like the school district, you can’t change the neighbourhoods you bought in.

It’s important that your real estate agent highlights all of the attractive parts of your house’s location, like upcoming restaurant plans, parks, or access to nearby healthcare.

That way, you’ll get the best price for your home.

Does Your House Have What Buyers Want in Charlotte, NC? - Prime Location

Desirable Feature: An Updated Kitchen

Kitchens are the focal point of any home. They’re where families gather and where guests are entertained.

When it comes to selling homes, most buyers have an idea of what they’re looking for, and an updated kitchen is a must. If potential buyers see outdated appliances and old or worn cabinetry, all they’re thinking is: how much is this going to cost me?

Although, is it worthwhile to take on such a substantial renovation project?

Worth It?

Remodeling a kitchen can be extremely pricey (to the tune of $13,000 or more) depending on the size and the scope of the project. Not to mention, it could take months.

To avoid delaying your home’s active listing, we recommend patching up your kitchen as best you can and leaving it for the new homeowners to tackle and build according to their taste.

Make sure all of the appliances are clean and in working order (no cracked shelves or broken handles). Hiring a service to do a deep clean will help your kitchen shine!

Additionally, touching up paint on the cabinets and making sure all of the pulls or knobs look nice will help future buyers see the potential of your space.

Does Your House Have What Buyers Want in Charlotte, NC? - An Updated Kitchen

To Sum It Up

When getting ready to list your home on the MLS, you’ll want to make sure it has the features and amenities that buyers are looking for. It also doesn’t hurt to have a great listing agent that knows how to highlight each one.

We’ve covered some of those desirable features, including garages, backyards, and updated kitchens. If your house is missing one or more of these attractive qualities, don’t worry! There are a few ideas above on how you can update your space without breaking the bank.

A peerless agent from Daniels Real Estate Group will be able to help you decide which projects to forgo and which ones will help add value to your property!

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